About Us


Pentangle Arts presents and maintains an arts program of high quality for the enrichment of our community and schools.

Pentangle Arts (formally Pentangle Arts Council) was founded in 1974, with seed money from the Vermont Arts Council – which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. What is Pentangle Arts? Is is an organization dedicated to providing affordable arts programming that inspires, educates,and entertains audiences of all ages. It is a place where area residents and visitors alike meet friends on weekends for first run movies in Woodstock’s historic Town Hall Theatre. It is also an organization that cultivates an appreciation of the arts through performances by world class musicians, form jazz to classical music, to a myriad of traditional and non-traditional forms from all over the world.

Pentangle Arts has created arts and cultural experiences for the people of Woodstock and its surrounding towns of Barnard, Bridgewater, Reading, Pomfret, Quechee, Killington, Hartford, Hartland, Sharon, Bethel, Plymouth, and beyond. Pentangle exists to foster community and creativity within that community through the presentation of live performances of music, theater and dance; screenings of films; the visual arts; and other special arts programs.  These programs encourage accessible multi-generational arts experiences and the participation of both current and future audiences, and they promote arts in our schools, opportunities for local artists, and community partnerships to strengthen the region’s creative sector. Pentangle is also steward of the community’s primary gathering space and performance venue, Woodstock Town Hall Theatre. Pentangle’s cultivation of mutually beneficial partnerships with local businesses and nonprofits supports community while the organization’s many activities generate over $2 million annually in collateral revenues.