Town Hall Rejuvenation Project

Town Hall Rejuvenation Project

The Town Hall Rejuvenation Project

In 2018, the Woodstock Selectboard launched the Town Hall Rejuvenation Project (THRP) to renovate Town Hall.

In October 2020, Max Comins generously gave a seed donation of $1.5 million to renovate the Town Hall Theatre. The first installment of the pledge was used for a building study that included geotechnical tests and research, with a particular focus on the 1928 stage addition, and status reports on the theater’s HVAC and electrical systems. Soon thereafter, the quiet phase of the fundraising effort for the rejuvenation project, the Campaign to Save Town Hall, was launched.

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How will Pentangle Arts and The Community Benefit from a Town Hall Rejuvenation?

Since 1986, Pentangle Arts (founded in 1974) has been the primary tenant in the Woodstock Town Hall. Pentangle is the steward of the Town Hall Theatre, green room, concession, projection rooms, and (since 1999), the  office space adjacent to the Town Hall’s front lobby. Pentangle also helps care for the spaces shared with the Town offices, including the lobby and the restrooms.

As the steward of the theatre, Pentangle has made it a thriving, open, accessible community resource for a wide variety of uses. Learn more about Pentangle’s Mission.

But the Town Hall Theatre is showing its age – badly. Many of the seats are broken, the carpet is worn, the lighting is antiquated, and accessibility to the stage for performers is severely limited. The theater itself, built in a simpler time with more modest ambitions, is not equipped to support the kinds of productions Pentangle could otherwise attract.

A rejuvenated theatre will enable Pentangle to realize its full potential.

● Imagine a theatre that is ADA accessible, welcoming, comfortable, and appealing to all the senses.

● Imagine a theatre that can not only welcome a dance company or summer stock, but also provide local actors and musicians of all ages with a nurturing home where they can perform, learn, and thrive.

● Imagine a theatre with a professional backstage area that can accommodate a major show, where the stage is accessible to all performers and the dressing rooms are appealing.

● Imagine a theatre with updated lighting and sound equipment, all energy efficient.

● Imagine a theatre with energy efficient, health-focused HVAC systems.

Help make this vision a reality by supporting The Campaign to Save Town Hall.

Learn more about the Campaign To Save Town Hall.

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Pentangle provides cultural, social, and economic benefit to the entire region. Cultural activities at the Town Hall Theatre are a compelling attraction for visitors, prospective home buyers, and residents. A rejuvenation of the entire building will be a source of civic pride, resulting in increased attendance and community use. Join the effort today!

Pentangle is a 501 C3 non-profit organization.


To donate check, cash, wire transfer, a donor directed fund or shares of stock please complete the form below or print out the PDF version and mail it to:

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