Pentangle Arts presents a high quality arts program for the enrichment of our community and schools.

What is Pentangle Arts? Pentangle Arts (formally Pentangle Arts Council) was founded in 1974, with seed money from the Vermont Arts Council. We are an organization that is dedicated to providing affordable arts programming that inspires, educates, and entertains audiences of all ages. For over 40 years Pentangle Arts has fostered artistic growth by bringing cultural experiences to the Woodstock, Pomfret, Barnard, Reading, Bridgewater and the surrounding communities. Pentangle Arts is delightfully busy all year, with events and productions loved and attended by the 5,000 residents in our community, and by another 7,000 people who come from beyond the local community to take advantage of our unique programs.

Live productions have included Fiddler on the Roof and CATS, produced in collaboration with ArtisTree Community Arts Center and Gallery, The Wizard of Oz, The Rocky Horror Show, and. Not only do we provide live performances, we are also a first-run movie theater.

At Pentangle, we strive to enrich our community by cultivating an appreciation of the arts through performances by world class musicians, from jazz to classical music, to a myriad of traditional and non-traditional forms from all over the world. In addition, first-run Hollywood movies, documentaries and classic films fill the Town Hall Theatre every weekend, on the biggest screen in the Upper Valley — complete with Pentangle’s signature maple-butter popcorn!

Pentangle Arts is an integral partner in community-wide cultural events such as Woodstock’s Wassail Weekend, Interplay Jazz Camp Intensive, and The Flurry: Woodstock Snow Sculpture Festival.